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About Gateway International
Gateway International is a consulting firm which operates in two major fields by providing top-quality research and consulting as well as professional financial services, relying on the solid economic and policy research capabilities of our staff. We support our clients, both in China and overseas, by enabling them to not only follow the fast-changing Chinese business trends but also to thoroughly understand how to adapt to the country’s dynamic market environments.

Research and Consulting
China’s Economy & Policy (CEP): Our flagship publication offers unparalleled economic analysis, policy insights and expert advice to support clients’ business decisions in China.
Industry Analysis: Our affiliation with Chinese government institutions and renowned economists enables clients to obtain the most up-to-date and accurate intelligence about the development of a variety of industries.
Tailor-made Research & Consulting: Our team (including our strategic partners) consist of professionals with rich consulting and financial industry backgrounds in China, North America and Europe. We bring together the expertise, resources and relationships critical to help clients build successful businesses in China and overseas.

Financial Services
Private Placement: We provide professional advice on strategic analysis, value assessment, deal structuring and transaction management for business owners who need additional capital.
Pre-IPO Advisory: We support companies by providing a full range of financial and management services to achieve high market listing price and strong aftermarket performance.
Mergers and Acquisitions: Our strong financial and consulting expertise will help clients maximize value creation when buying or selling a business or a major asset. We are deeply engaged and committed to serve our clients throughout the life cycle of the deal.

Macro economy
Monetary policy
Foreign reserves
RMB exchange rate and internationalization
Fiscal policy and taxation reform
Private capital and investment
Going global strategy

Hot money
Financial supervision reform
International/overseas investment
Financial and banking risk
Capital markets
Regional development
Rural economy
Income distribution and social welfare

Financial services
Renewable energy
Strategic emerging industries
Low carbon economy
New energy automobiles
High tech
Real estate
Energy (oil, coal, natural gas)

Electrical power
Iron and steel
Equipment manufacturing
Metal and mining
Public sector
Social sector